Wednesday, April 5, 2017

kbarr Alex rider

  In the part that I read today Alex had to get into a very exclusive party/club Alex said that he recognized a lot of actors, TV personalities, models, deejays, politicians. He had to get in to find more about cray and he had to use a skill, or trick that his uncle Ian showed him and that was pick pocketing. first he would yell that he lost his tickets, which confused me at first, the he saw a man check for his tickets, now he knew where his tickets were and he would have to take them. I think that he will unsuccessfully take the tickets and he will be chased down and be caught. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Da Givah

Three reason why the Movie is better than the book
     So obviously one big change from the book and the movie is that the movie is the movie is told in 1st person and the book is told in the 3rd person. I think that the change adds to the movie because if it was told in 1st person you know what the person is thinking leading to more emotion which would be better in book or movie like the giver where Jonas has to pretty much has to learn about the past of the communities and how almost everything has changed since then. That would mean that Jonas would have a lot of confusion and he wouldn't have anyone but himself and the giver to talk a bout it because he wouldn't know how to explane it. for example he wouldn't know how to ex plane  what the color red is if they can't see colors. So that means that he would have to talk to him self a lot and if it were in 3rd person we wouldn't know what they were thinking, but in 1st person 
        Another reason why the movie is better than the book is the change in roles in the movie. For example Asher is a drone pilot so that means that he has to find and kill/get rid of Jonas who is his best friend. Another example is that Fiona is a nurturer which would mean that he would have to take Gabriel from her and he would either take him from her or she would let him. The other role change is that the chief elder was more of a voice to a villain which gave it more conflict. Also the fact that Jonas told Fiona not to take her injections adds more emotion between Fiona and Jonas. 
       My final reason why the movie is better could go either way because some people might want a confuing ending where you can choose what the ending is. I personally think that an ending where it's more organized is better because one, you know whats actually going on and you know if the mission succeded or not, two It makes the movei less complicated than it already is. You know that a book and movie from the future is probably going to be complicated and a complicatig ending might be to much.    

Monday, April 3, 2017

KBARR again

First time reading in a while
So it's been a while since I blogged about my reading book but I am now. So it took me a wile to find where i was but I found it and Alex was currently talking to his guardian about how to stop the multimillionaire cray from possibly doing something bad. For example Alex was seeing that Cray Software Technology had the same main letters as the terrorist grope know as Camargue Sans Touristes. I think that alex is going to find a way to find out for sure what crays plan is but I doubt that he is going to spread the news around without getting caught once or twice.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Respect your elders

Respect your Elders

I was driving on my way to my grandma's house in nipomo, still thinking about what and how I was gonna say it. My grandma only speaks spanish, I didn’t need my mom to translate for me but I knew that I would appreciate for her to be there. When I got there I spent some time talking to my cousins who live in the same house as my grandma. I always start playing with my cousins before saying hi to my grandparents, my mom is always tells me that I need to greet my grandparents before I start talking to my cousins. When I finally decided to go inside I told my grandma that I needed the interview her. She seemed film and simply said ok and then she walked toward the room and lied down to get ready for the questions. Before I did the interview, I had to translate the best I could from spanish to english. My grandma is from Morelia, the capital of Michoacan, Michoacan is a state in mexico.
“Did you attend school?”
The first question I asked was if she attended school. She told me that she went to school till the middle of fourth grade and was taken out by her mom and was sent to work at a tortilla factory  (tortilleria) there in Morelia and she worked there for 4 years. Then one day when she was done working at the tortilleria, she enrolled herself, with her siblings, back into 5th grade without telling her mom that she was going to school. If you do the math, she was 14 when she entered the 5th grade. Sadly, she left school in the middle of the 5th grade because one afteroon when she was walking with her grandpa, he was hit by a car, she was walking right next to her.   She started feeling sick from seeing her grandpa flying in the air dead. Because she was sick she had to take meds and she couldn't go to school.
“What work did you do?”
The second question I asked my grandma was, what work did you do?  I already mentioned that she worked in a tortilla factory until she went back to school, but before she worked at the tortilla factory and got out of school she worked in a different factory cleaning frozen frogs for food. Then, when they were done cleaning them they would placed them in packs of two to be sold. She worked there for four years (age 6-10) she got paid 75 cents per hour. She would work evening shifts to early in the morning along with other kids about the same age as  her. After she left 5th grade, she didn’t go back to school or work but had to do all the chores and washed clothes by hand for 10 people. Those ten people were 7 siblings,her parents, and herself. She washed the cloths, dishes and picked up after all her family for ten years, until she got married four years later. The reason why she did all the work is because both of her parents went to work and her siblings went to school.  My grandma married my grandpa when she was 18 years of age and they moved in with my grandpa’s parents, and his two brothers.   She got pregnant and had my mom about a year later. But after two years of living with my grandparent’s family they wanted to live on their own and they started building their own home. Two years after that she had a daughter named Liz, and two years after that she had a son named Daniel. Everything was quiet and mellow until six years later when my grandpa and her decided he wanted to move to america. They were able to do it by leaving the two girls with their grandma (because they were older) but they took the boy, youngest one, to check the U.S out. One of my grandma's seven sisters had already been living in the U.S and I’m sure that helped my grandma a lot. When they first got to the U. S they had to share a house with some people in Santa Maria. She enrolled her youngest child in school and both her and grandpa found a job in the fields and they stayed there for eight months. In those eight months their youngest child was always telling his parents that he missed his two sisters. Then after about 7 months of living in that shared house in Santa Maria they moved in a apartment in Oceano. After what felt like an eternity of waiting to my mom,  my grandparents finally where able to go pick up my mom and her sister. My grandparents and finally saved enough to get an appartment of their own and have the family all together again. They stayed at the same apartment for 5 years until one day the opurtunity came for a low income house through People Self Help Housing. That ment that they would have to help build house along with the other people who would live in the neigborhood. Years later her grandchildren were born and she’s been helping raise them too.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

danger of power plants

 Power Plants
             Nuclear power plants use the heat generated from nuclear fission in a contained environment to convert water to steam, then the steam powers generator which then produces energy. Nuclear power produces 20% of our countries power mostly do to the fact that we have power plants operating in most of the states in our nation. The power plants should cover a ten mile radius where there is a possibility that it could be harmed there is also a 50 mile radius where the radio active materials could contaminate water, plants, and food crops and live stock those are just a few things.    

Thursday, November 17, 2016


  what happened last time was that the Russian general brought Alex into a hotel and tortured him to try to get answers and then general sarvoc comes and tops him and then he kind of friendly and telling him to get comfortable. That part confused me because the last time I checked the generals were trying to find Alex and Alex actually cared about the nuclear bomb that the generals have. I think that Alex will try to escape and ge caught by the other Russian general and will be held hostage  

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


   Alex was taken to the Russian general was going to get torcherd after getting drugged but the other Russian general came in and told Sarvoc (general #1) that it was unnecessary. The part that relly surprised me is that general 2 is being nice to him like getting water and telling him to get comfortable. I don't know if that is a tactic but it's weird and I think that Alex is falling for it.